Rachel Moffatt, Beyond Teddies Partnerships Manager, writes:
'As part of British Science Week, Judy Brewster from the Chemistry Department and Rachel Moffatt - Partnerships Manager, went into Cutteslowe Primary School on Thursday, to deliver Science workshops to over 270 pupils. Year 6 were detectives and had to investigate who had stolen Olive, one of the school chickens, using chromatography and working out which pen had written the ransom note. Year 5 made catapults and experimented how to make them as actuate and as powerful as possible so they could hit the target with the ping pong balls. Years 3 and 4 made slime and were fascinated by how two liquids can become a gel, and Years 1 and 2 investigated, ‘Is the ink in your pen really just one colour?’ using kitchen roll, felt tips and water. All the pupils were beautifully behaved, polite and courteous and really engaged in the workshops and many said they were keen to do more science experiments at home and at school.'