Our pupils worked on a water station in Summertown, providing much-needed refreshment to the runners of the Oxford Half Marathon. Fifth Former, Adri Calisto, tells us about the day:

It was an early start for Mr Coram-Wright, myself and another five pupils who met in school at 7.15am on Sunday ready to head up the Banbury Road. Once we got there, we set up the water station along with other volunteers. The task laid before us was simple. Line the tables with 9 by 22 cups and repeat this for three layers. The Teddies team finished first - not that it was a competition of course! Then it was time to get ready for the distribution of 8,000 cups! During an intense five-minute course we learned the best way to hand cups to runners. With the cups having been readied, the first runners came through. BBC Oxford was patrolling the site looking for people to interview -  two of our number made their media career début! The day took a dramatic turn 20 minutes in as so many runners were coming in to the water stall, making all of our lives very difficult but more entertaining. Luckily we were able to draft in Ms Bellamy and the Warden to help at this point. It was great to see all of the runners: the happy ones, the tired ones and the familiar ones. We spotted many members of staff as well as pupils who were running.

Congratulations to all of those who completed the 13.1 mile course and thank you to Mr Coram-Wright for giving us the opportunity to help. I look forward to doing this again next year and to persuading more of you to join the cup-handlers!

Photo: Zak Neville, Mo Madrian, Alexey Antonov Grantcharov, Adri Calisto, Marine Robert and Sophia Finn behind towers of water cups