Sixth Former Thomas Helm writes:

'This week Field House has completed a demanding charity initiative. We all took part in the Live Below the Line Challenge which involves living below the extreme poverty line, an annual anti-poverty campaign, which challenges participants to feed themselves on the equivalent of the extreme poverty line in order to gain an insight into some of the hardships faced by those for whom this is a daily reality. This meant that we lived on £1 a day, for 5 days. The initiative is a life-changing, fundraising event which challenges people to live below the poverty line so that others can begin to rise above it. 

 We can never recreate what it is truly like to live in poverty through this campaign but the Live Below the Line food challenge can be a way for us to try to understand, to a small extent, what life might be like for those who experience this every day. The Lower school took part for 48 hours and the 6th form had the option to do it for a week; Mr Hanslip, Miss Drury, Mr Strachan and a few courageous 6th formers chose to do it for a week. 33p per meal was not a lot to work with, so planning, creativity and lots of enthusiasm were key throughout the week.  It was a humbling and eye-opening experience during which we all experienced what it was like to feel hungry but were not able to eat. It was so encouraging to see friends and family sponsoring us through this initiative.
Live Below the Line is not, nor has it ever been, a means by which wealthy people can ‘play at poverty’. For me, taking part in the challenge is categorically not an attempt to replicate poverty by ‘slumming it’ for a week and then returning to a cushy life feeling better about myself. Instead, I imagine it will serve as a harsh wake-up call that forces me to confront the global imbalance of power and wealth that creates extreme poverty.

We are supporting two charities: Mary’s meals and Mr Chitsenga’s SuchHope charity. We are so close to reaching our target of £6,000 and any contribution would help enormously, we are very grateful for all donations. Thank you for supporting us to live on £1 a day for five days, so that we can support those who experience this every day.'

Field pupils raised over £7000 through this initiative!