On Monday 11th October two members of Asylum Welcome came to talk at the School Assembly. The Director, Mark Goldring, and Refugee Communities Coordinator, Nuha Abdo, spoke to us about the work the charity is involved in. Nuha came to Oxford from Syria five years ago, and spoke about how her children had integrated well and were happy in UK schools. Mark told us that a quarter of the 200 new Afghan refugees that had arrived in Oxfordshire were school age children and had started Primary and Secondary Schools within a 10-mile radius of St Edward’s that very day. They thanked the St Edward's community for the £10,000 that was raised from the School Steeplechase. The money will go towards translators to assist the children in their first days of school, helping new arrivals to learn English, buying mobile phones to communicate with the family back home that they worry about so much, and generally helping them to build their new lives over here. Thank you to all of you who have donated so far.