The School charity for 2023 is Oxfordshire Youth

From mental health interventions to crime prevention and safe, supported housing, Oxfordshire Youth do whatever it takes to ensure Oxfordshire’s young people thrive. Via leadership and motivational pathways and trauma-informed youth work, they amplify youth voices and ensure they’re listened to.

We will kick off initial fundraising with the charity through a collection at the upcoming Chicago performances in school next week and further plans will be released as we begin to work together in shaping the year.

The Warden commented on the news: ‘Working closely with Oxfordshire Youth this year will enable us directly to support young people in the local community. Creating opportunities and giving a voice to children is at the heart of Teddies, and the enthusiasm of our pupils to take that ethos beyond the school gates is evident in their support for this charity. We are greatly looking forward to our collaboration with Oxfordshire Youth over the next year.’

Oxfordshire Youth’s Fundraising Manager, Liza Roure wrote to Teddies in response to the announcement:

Thank you for choosing Oxfordshire Youth as your Charity of the Year. We are excited and grateful to have been selected. Together we will change lives, working towards a future in which every young person has the skills, support, and connections that they need to thrive.

We are honoured by this invitation to be an integral part of your Teddies community. We commit to bringing you stories directly from the lives of young people you positively impact through your generosity, care, and belief in their potential. We commit to spending time face-to-face with you, and creating opportunities for you to come and meet our team, and experience our work and the difference that we make.

We hope that you will invest your engagement and involvement in our partnership as well as your fundraising efforts. We look forward to this year of collaboration and are exhilarated to share in a journey to transform young people’s lives, unite communities, and tackle inequality of opportunity through the power of youth work.

Click here to donate to Oxfordshire youth via our Just Giving page